606 Movers – Tips on Hiring Last Minute Movers

Let’s face it hiring movers in Chicago is stressful. With so many companies often finding the one for you can be a challenge but what if you waited too long and the date is just around the corner. Or it’s a sudden need to move. Now the pressure is on. Here are my best tips to ensure you’re not left in a bind.

    Please don’t panic. I am a firm believer with a bit of tenacity a solution can always be found. The best thing to do is get organized. Start a call around, we used to do this in hospitality on sold out nights. Make a list of the reputable moving companies in your area and ask what they have available around the dates you need to move. Who knows you might get lucky and one of them has the date you need but if you don’t get lucky hold on to that list, you’ll need it again.
    Make sure with all the stress you haven’t neglected to get yourself ready. Be packed completely and ready to go. Invite some friends and get some drinks for a packing party and get done that much faster. If you can do some of the disassembly it may help speed things up if a company has agreed to try and fit you in.
    Whether it be start times or elevators that need to be scheduled. Now’s the time to talk to your doorman, management company, or and maintenance staff. The more flexible you are the more likely you will find someone who can help you move.
    if you haven’t found someone go through the list every day of companies you called. Last minute cancellations happen. From someone who worked as a professional mover for years I can tell you they do. Even if the company puts you on a waiting list. This time of year is so busy that it’s likely that the spot was rebooked before they had a chance to check the list so don’t be afraid to call back.
    Move the boxes and smaller items on your own and advise the movers you will only need to move a few pieces. This may help fit you in to a smaller time slot but be honest. Lying to the movers only puts them and you in an difficult position. They may not have brought a truck that was large enough and they may have other scheduled moves that are being pushed because you have a lot more.
    It’s stressful but hopefully you’ve secured movers by now. This time of year movers will do several moves a day in this heat. As long they are treated with respect they will always go above and beyond to help their clients.

Good Luck and Happy Moving!

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