606 Movers’ Guide to Chicago Food Donations & Distribution

While the city and most of the country is opening back up, it’s important we don’t forget that this is still an unusual and difficult time. Covid-19 is still here, in our communities and jobs are just now opening up. Chicago is not only struggling to find a new routine but many are struggling how to make ends meet and feed themselves and their families. The protests around the city have also caused many stores to board up and have left communities, particularly on the South and West sides, without consistent food access. All of these factors should remind us just how important community is and how we should help others if and when we can. We’ve created a list of organizations that are available for food donations and distribution. This is not exhaustive. There are many resources available throughout the city but this can be a starting point. We hope that if you are financially able, you’ll donate. Or if you’re in need, you’ll find a location near you. 

Greater Chicago Food Depository 

Chicago Public Schools Meal Sites

A Just Harvest – Rogers Park 

Lakeview Pantry – Lakeview 

Pilsen Food Pantry – Pilsen 

Shepards Hope – Englewood

Chicago Family Pairing Program – “This is a program looking to pair families on the Northside who have access to these stores to pair up with families on the South and West sides and can deliver groceries to these areas. OnTheGround Chicago will be covering the full cost of these groceries using donated funds.”

Brave Space Alliance – This is the first Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ Center located on the South Side of Chicago, and they offer food pantry options. 

Stay Safe!

Your Chicago Movers – 606 Movers Inc

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