Earth Day at 606 Movers Inc.

I think we first have to admit the truths in order to address them. I have to admit, moving is a terrible thing for the planet. Most movers won’t tell you what happens to all the waste. The plastic film we use to wrap the furniture, the endless boxes, and the trucks to carry it all back and forth. Most of the waste ends up in landfills. It’s expensive to recycle, moving companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and unfortunately, it’s often at a great cost to our planet. There is always something we can do. Small steps that add up to a wave of change. We recycle all the materials we can and hope as we grow to be able to transition to biodegradable products as well, doing what we can to off set our carbon footprint. The best customers can do is ask the questions. Chicago movers need to be held accountable. Ask them what they do to help our children’s future. It may feel like a drop in the bucket or it could be the start of change.

Happy Earth Day!

606 Movers Inc


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