Easy Mistakes to Avoid on Move Day

Move day can and will likely be hectic. It’s easy to forget things, especially if you’re trying to coordinate with movers and secure your next home. While you might be tempted to skip the small stuff, we’re here to help you reconsider. There are helpful techniques that will ensure you have peace of mind on the big day. Avoid these mistakes and get through move day (hopefully!) without any problems.

Don’t Leave Appliances for the Last Minute

If you’re taking your appliances with you, be sure to prep them ahead of time. For insurance purposes, most movers are not allowed to disconnect or reconnect appliances to gas lines. Be sure to secure an electrician for both the move out and move in locations. As for refrigerator or freezers, defrost and dry them out. Any moisture in the van can ruin furniture and create mold. Start a week before and begin defrosting them.

Don’t Forget Your Valuables

While the majority of movers are trustworthy (606 Movers very much included in this category!), we suggest packing and moving any valuables yourself. This can include jewelry with sentimental or monetary value and important paperwork like passports. The last thing you want to stress about is your valuables on move day, wondering what box they’re in or if they were tossed out. Do yourself a favor and take these items with you. You do not need any more stress on move day. 

Don’t Skip the Final Walk Through

You are finally moved out! While this is an exciting achievement, don’t forget the final walk through. Check every room and closet one more time. If you live in an apartment, make sure you get one last look at the elevators and loading docks. At 606 Movers, we never want to forget or risk losing anything, but we’re only human. Another set of eyes and a final walk through ensures small items aren’t left behind. 

Don’t Forget to Set Up Your Utilities

If you are finally moving into your own home, don’t forget to set up your utilities. Alert your utility company and update it with your new location. The last thing you want is to move in and realize there’s no power. It’s an easy thing to miss with all the excitement, but keep this in mind!

While this is not an extensive list, these are some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen on move day. Take your time and start early to avoid forgetting any of these small but important tasks.

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