How to Pack Your Books

While packing books seems like an easy task, here are some tips to help with the process. This will ensure books make their journey safely and you can check this portion off of your to-do list.

Sort and Donate

This may be a good time to sort through your books and create categories for what you want to do with them. While there are some you may want to keep, there are others you are less likely to read again or ever. Second-hand stores, school libraries, and used book retailers are all great places to leave the books you no longer want.

Get the Boxes

Try and find boxes that are sturdy and if you can, it’s better if they’re new. Or if you’re going to utilize used boxes, just make sure they aren’t damp as the moisture can damage your books. Be sure to use strong packing tape and secure all sides to avoid the boxes from falling apart.

Packing Securely and Safely

While it’s tempting to pack all of your books into a single box, try spreading them out to redistribute the weight. While you might think that having the least amount of boxes will speed up the process, often times it doesn’t. If they’re too heavy, they might require two people to carry them or they might need to be repacked into several lighter boxes, which will definitely take more time. If they’re too heavy for you to maneuver, they’ll likely be too heavy for the crew. You can also use packing paper to secure loose items and fill in any gaps as the contents might shift as they’re moved around.

Arranging them in the Truck

If you have movers, they will likely access the contents of your home and pack the truck accordingly. If you’re doing this yourself, be sure to pack any book boxes on the floor of the truck. The books can be heavy and in order to avoid them from toppling over, it’s best to pack them at the bottom so they don’t cause damage to the furniture.

Long Term Storage

If you are taking your books and leaving them in a storage facility for an extended period of time, make sure you find a facility that is dry and cool. If possible, find a place that is inside a building and is climate-controlled as well.

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