606 Movers’ Guide to Making Your Home a Refuge

Maybe you’re staying home to keep yourself safe, maybe you’re staying home to keep your family and your community healthy. Whatever your reasons might be, the next home you move into is likely where you’ll be spending most of your time for the foreseeable future. It’s daunting, we know. Chicago is always a great city in the summer, with festivals and events happening every weekend. But with COVID-19 in the picture and for the safety of our city, we can’t count on external entertainment this year. That is why it’s important to create a peaceful and welcoming space, especially if you’re relocating this season. We wanted to include some tips to help make your new home really feel like home, a refuge for this confusing and heartbreaking time. Use what you already have or splurge on a few key pieces. In order to continue fighting, we must know how to rest and decompress, and home is where we do that.  

Start with the Bathroom

While there is no wrong way to settle into your new home, we suggest starting with the bathroom. It’s the first room you’ll likely be using right away. Aim for a relaxing space. Think spa vibes with vanilla candles, plants, and neutral colors. Moving is intense, so do yourself a favor and set up your dream bathroom before unpacking anything else.

Keep it Bright

While not often talked about, lighting has an enormous effect on us. Natural light can be a great mood booster. Brighten up your new space by letting the light in. Keep your curtains open or use soft incandescent bulbs when the sun isn’t shining. Instead of intense fluorescent lights, consider floor lamps to create a warmer atmosphere. As opposed to working in an office space where the lighting is dictated by others, take this opportunity to create an environment that is conducive to your wellbeing and productivity. 

Get Creative

After your move is over and you’ve settled in, get creative in your new space. Add art to your walls, paint a statement wall or two, install shelves to show off your memories and decor. These are not only great hands-on projects that will keep your mind occupied, it will help your new space feel entirely yours. You’ll likely be home more often than not, so curate a space that makes you happy and optimistic. Having a space that brings you joy will make a huge difference, especially during this tough time. 

 Do you have a porch or backyard? Use it!

We hope you’re moving into your own home or at least renting an apartment with a patio this time around. No matter what it looks like, outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyed and utilized. Now more than ever, it is important to find moments to unwind, relax, and have fun. Find comfortable seating, decorate with colorful pillows, get plants, invest in outdoor lighting or candles. No matter how you decorate it, make it a functional space you’ll actually use. Summer is here and you’ll likely get tired of working from inside. Shift your work space outside or keep it a purely recreational area. It is important for our mental health to keep work and rest separate but it’s absolutely up to you. Either way, your patio area will be a refuge and provide a much needed change in scenery. 

These are just some ideas to get you into a calm frame of mind in your new home. Or utilize these suggestions even if you’re not moving. We know it might not be easy for everyone but it’s important to rest and peace at home as we continue to move forward. 

Stay Safe!

Your professional Chicago Movers– 606 Movers Inc

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