Moving Out and Moving Up

Alright, the time has come to move out of the family home. Let us first say congratulations! You got this! If you are feeling a little nervous, this article from Elite Daily, The 10 Emotional Stages Of Moving Away From Home For The First Time, might provide a little comfort. Whether this is your first move ever or just your first move without the family, there are many things to keep in mind! But don’t worry; every move into a new space is just an opportunity to grow and change for the better. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to keep in mind while taking this leap into independence!

1. Make A Gameplan

This may seem like a given if you are the planning type, but many of us fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants types might not see the value in a solid move-out plan. But trust us, a plan is essential to not feeling lost and overwhelmed when the big day comes. This plan should include the days leading up to your move through the first night in your new place. A few questions to ask yourself right now are:

  1. Are the utilities set to be turned on at the new place?
  2. What furniture am I taking to my new place?
  3. How are these more oversized items getting transported? Friend with a van? Hiring 606Movers? Renting a truck?
  4. Who will be able to help me on moving day?
  5. How long will they be able to help? What times do I need to ask them to be available? (Moving days are always longer than you think, pad the time!)

These are just a few general questions to help get your plan started. Try and think about all the unique details of your move and problem-solve before any issues arise!

2. Out With The Old!

One of the best aspects of any move is the opportunity to declutter and organize your life in the way that serves you best. Self-care and independence start with curating your environment for your needs. Even if you are just moving with what’s in your childhood bedroom, most likely there are items that don’t need to make the trip with you. Whether it’s clothes that don’t fit from freshman year or a box of video games you haven’t played in three years, make sure what enters this new chapter of your life is either essential or brings you joy! For more decluttering tips, check out another great blog from ApartmentTherapy.com, The 27 Greatest Decluttering Tips of All Time.

3. Pack for an Easy Move

It is tempting to get the most enormous boxes possible and throw everything in them, but we promise this will make life more challenging and not simpler. Packing light and organized doesn’t just apply to traveling! Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind while packing up your stuff:

  1. Use smaller to medium-sized boxes when possible and ensure they are easy to lift as you pack.
  2. Wrap anything breakable with either bubble wrap, blankets, towels, or clothes. 
  3. Think Tetris when packing boxes; reducing the space within the box leaves less room for items to move during transport.
  4. Label each box as thoroughly as possible! Trust us, this is VITAL.

With so much moving experience we’ve seen it all, but you might find some helpful tidbits in another blog post of ours: How to Pack a Bedroom & Do it Well.

4. Think about Your First Night

A common mistake when moving into your first place is packing everything up and not knowing where your essentials are. No one wants to panic rummage through boxes to find your retainer! Pack a suitcase with all of your overnight must-haves as if you were going on a weekend trip! This applies to any fur babies who might be moving into the new home with you; they’ll need their food, treats, and favorite toys as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Additionally, make sure you have easy access to bedding and towels for the first night as well. Setting up your bed should be a priority when you get moved in because you will want to crash. Moving is exhausting, and you’ll need your cozy bed comforting you at the end of the day.

5. Start with Essentials and Save for Upgrades

When we move into a new space for the first time, it’s thrilling to be able to decorate, design, and fill the space. But it is an expensive slippery slope to go all in at once. Remember to consider budget and longevity when thinking about purchasing for your first place away from home. It’s okay not to have a big comfy couch for a little while to save up for one that you LOVE and will last you for years. Also, cooking and home goods hand-me-downs from parents, family, and friends are great items to utilize until you can afford to upgrade to the matching set you’ve had your eye on. Consider making a furnishings/home goods budget to contribute to each month and then ranking your needs in order of immediate importance. 

We hope that this short list helps you on your first moving adventure! If you need any help lifting those boxes or moving that bed up the three-story walk-up, we’ve got your back!

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