Moving Out? How to Avoid Property Damage

Moving is a necessary element of life that few of us like to do. It’s stressful, beginning to end. From finding a new place, to booking movers, to the actual day of the move, it can be overwhelming. Many renters stress about avoiding property damage on move day. We have included tips to help you prepare for the big day. As movers, we’re here to give guidance and assist on move day so you can focus on the next chapter of your life and settling into your new home. 

Protect Your High Traffic Areas 

As you prep, make note of the areas in your home that experience the most traffic. If a hallway or entryway has carpet, it’s best to lay out old rugs to protect them from dirt, water, and spills. If you have hardwood floors, tape down cardboard to protect them from getting scratched. If it rains or snows, consider investing in carpet shield. 

Always Measure Doorways

Measure your doorways and compare with any large or oversized items before move day. It might seem obvious but it doesn’t hurt to make sure your furniture fits, especially if you’ve assembled items within your house. If you do this before the day of the move, it will help you determine what will need to be disassembled and reassembled. You can disassemble before the move day or some movers include it in the services. 

Protect Your Valuables 

Most movers will supply moving blankets but there are ways to be more prepared when protecting your valuables. Wrap fragile items like glass and mirrors in towels or bedding to ensure they don’t shatter or damage anything else. Packing materials or cardboard will help sharp corners and edges from tables and dressers from scratching other items or the property. 

Watch Out for Corners 

If you’re worried about damaging wall corners, corner guards can be attached to high traffic areas as well. They will ensure walls are protected from the occasional bump or two. They can easily be attached in both the move out and move in location. 

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