Moving with Kids? Here’s How to Prepare

Moving is already a tricky balancing act, from the packing to finding a new home to everything in between. When you factor in the kids, it can make a difficult job that much harder. It comes down to keeping them entertained and content while you handle the logistics. While kids will always be kids, here are some tips to make the process a bit easier and allow you to breathe, even if it’s just for a moment. 

Do the packing when they’re not home

If you’re able, be sure to pack when they’re not home. If they’re in school or you have friends of family that can take them for the day, utilize that time to get a head start. You’ll need all the peace and quiet you can get in order to organize and pack everything away efficiently. Just be sure to pack the toys at the very end, so they always have something to play with. 

Have them help

If they’re a bit older, have them be apart of the process by giving them small jobs to help. You can have them pack or pick a color for their new room. It’s a good way to have them feel invested in the project and determined to see it followed through. It will give them a sense of control at a time where so much change is happening all around them.

Ask for help on move day

If you know move day is going to be tough, have a friend or family member take them off your hands for the day. Have them keep the kids busy during the move while you handle the hard parts. Kids might benefit from a bit of distraction at this time, given that their home might not be their home for much longer. 

Keep them entertained

If you don’t have anyone to take them, be sure to have some entertainment to keep them busy. Whether its a movie or other activities like coloring, it’ll help them pass the time without them getting in the way or even getting hurt. It might be a good idea to keep them surrounded by familiar items such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animals, to comfort them during the move. 

Alway Communicate

If the little ones are old enough to remember the move, there is likely to be some stress and tension associated with it. It can be a disorienting time, especially if your changing schools and neighborhoods. Let them know they can always keep in touch with their old friends but encourage ways to make new ones as well. Above all, be positive by letting them know that life can be a great adventure and that while change might not always be easy, there is always joy to be had. 

Keep these tips in mind throughout the move process and move day to keep your kids safe and entertained. It’ll keep everyone happy, and most importantly give you some peace to handle this new transition as well. 

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