Preparing For Your Next Move

Whether you move every year or haven’t moved in years, there are 3 tips I always recommend.

1. Declutter- The first thing I always recommend is getting rid of items you really aren’t using. Old books, nonperishable foods, and lightly worn clothing is always where I start. Often we get in the habit of lugging around things we don’t need. Not only is it extra work but it can add to the cost of your move. My best suggestion is take inventory of the things you can do without and reach out to local donation centers and see what they can accept. Some centers will even arrange to pick up furniture pieces you may be looking to replace. Best part is you can feel good knowing you did something to help others.

2. Plan ahead- Moving season typically runs from spring to fall with peaks in the summer months. Take a look at your lease and make sure if you are moving around this time that you are requesting estimates from movers as early as you can to avoid scrambling last minute.

3. Pack a clearly labeled box with essentials. Some of us take a lot longer to unpack than others. That can mean a bit of a shock when we realize we don’t know where our toiletries are, coffee maker or other must haves ended up. The easiest way to avoid is with a box I often move myself with everything I need to survive a few nights without unpacking.

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