Resources for Our Current Reality

As our new reality sets in, it’s getting harder to see the end or find hope. While many states are beginning to open up, it’s clear that we are not safe yet. It’s admirable to see Illinois put people first in an effort to save more lives. Something I never thought would ever be up for debate, but here we are. We have compiled more resources here below to help those in need in Chicago and beyond. We’ve also included resources for immigrant and undocumented communities, who always bear the brunt of difficult situations with little recognition. Here at 606 Movers, we hope to get through this together and begin to actively build a more equitable world for everyone. 

1. Logan Square Neighborhood Association

COVID-19 Resources (Also available in Spanish / Lista de recursos en Español)

2. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa – 35th Ward Alderman 

COVID-19 UPDATES  (Also available in Spanish / Lista de recursos en Español)

3. Chicago and Illinois Covid-19 Resources Page (Google Doc / Actively updated)

4. COVID-19 Resources for Undocumented Immigrants (Google Doc / Also available in Spanish / Lista de recursos en Español)

*This google doc features nationwide resources and it’s organized by state. It includes legal aid and health resources as well. 

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