So You’re Moving in a Week, Here’s What to Do.

The end to this nightmare is near! Well almost. You’ve planned, prepped, and prepared but maybe there’s still some things you have to do. If you’re moving in a week or so, you’re probably tired and anxious. Hopefully this will help you get you to where you want to be. 

Pack the Essentials 

We recommend an emergency box. We all plan to unpack the moment we get to the new place but the reality is we end up doing it over time. It’s ideal that you pack a box with your essentials for the first few days. Think about everything you might need before you settle in, like coffee, bed sheets, towels, toiletries. After moving, it’s absolutely recommended that you rest and recharge before you unpack. You’ve earned it!

Pay Remaining Bills and Close Accounts

This is especially important if you’re moving long distance. You’ve probably canceled or transferred services. If you’re closing any accounts, make sure they’re all paid to avoid being charged for your utilities after you’ve moved out. 

Confirm your Movers

Make sure to call and confirm your movers once more. Confirm the arrival times, update them on parking, and ask any lingering questions before the big day. It never hurts to be too prepared. 

Prep the Furniture

Depending on what services you requested, you may need to disassemble furniture. Most movers will take care of the disassembly but if they aren’t, now is the time to do it. 

Finish the Packing

Maybe you’ve started, maybe you haven’t. Either way, this is a good time to assess what still needs to be done without feeling rushed. Its best to finish early on, leaving less to do the closer you get to the move date. Remember to label boxes and indicate which room they belong too. This will speed up the unpacking process as well. 

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