Tips for Moving College Students

During this time of year, many young adults will be leaving home and going away to college. It’ll be an important time filled with new experiences. If you are moving away to college or helping a student get ready for the next chapter in their academic life, here are some tips for the transition.

What’s Your Dorm or Apartment Like? 

Before you even start the packing and buying process, consider what your dorm or apartment looks like. Take into consideration how big the space is, is there a kitchen, do you need to get furniture. If you’re moving into an apartment you might need to expand this list. 

What should I take, or not take? 

After having a clear picture of what your new space looks like, make a list of things you’ll need. 

Think of clothing, along with towels, bed sheets, blankets, and other toiletries as essentials. Also consider if there is a kitchen and what you need if you’ll actually be using it. 

Consider Storage Bins 

If you’re moving into a dorm, it will probably be smaller than you bedroom, especially if you’re sharing it with a roommate. Storage bins will be essential to keep your items organized in your new space. 

Organize and Pack

Mark everything as you pack. While you won’t be taking much, it will make the unpacking portion that much easier as the move in day will likely be hectic.  

Make the New Place Feel like Home

Moving out will be hard, especially if it’s the first time you’ll be on your own. Be sure to bring some things to make the transition easier. Take pictures and stuffed animals, anything that reminds you of home. 

Hire a Moving Company

If your not sure where to start, consider hiring a moving company. Whether you’re moving within Chicago or beyond, a moving company will get you ready and where you need to go. They can help safely pack and wrap everything that needs to be moved and move you into the new location with ease. 

Moving can be hard under any circumstances but hopefully these tips help you or the student in your life. College will be filled excitement so be sure to plan ahead and pack accordingly so that once you get to campus, you can dive right into your new life and have those great experiences. 

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