Tips for Moving Our Elderly Loved Ones

While no move is easy, moving our elderly parents or loved ones can be especially difficult. Whether it’s sorting through years of memories or relinquishing some independence, these moves can be physically and emotionally demanding. Here are some tips to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. Sort Through and Donate
    There is a pretty good chance that a lot of the items will be excess and ready to be disposed of, especially if they’re downsizing. Local charities like Goodwill or a Habitat for Humanity ReStore will take in gently-used items of your hands and even have pick-up services for added convenience.
  2. Junk it
    If there are items that need to be thrown away, call 1-800-GOT-JUNK to schedule an at-home pick-up. This junk removal service will take almost anything and dispose of it for you.
  3. Rent a Storage Unit
    If your loved ones aren’t ready to part with certain items or are planning to keep but don’t have the space at the new location, rent a storage unit. There hundreds of locations around the Chicago area and beyond so your bound to find one within your neighborhood and price point.
  4. Ask Family Members to Help
    Moving a elderly parent of loved one is a major undertaking. Ask family members for help with the sorting and packing. Be sure to reach out in advance and give enough time to figure out when it should all take place.
  5. Find a New Doctor
    Healthcare is probably a high priority. If your loved one is moving across the city or even to a new city or state, you’ll need to find a new doctor. Do the research and even schedule an appointment with the new doctor so the transition is as smooth as possible. Also be sure to let your loved one’s current doctor know about the move. Prescription refills should be updated and moved to a pharmacy near their new home as well.
  6. Hire Professional Movers
    We definitely recommend hiring professional movers to ease the burden of relocating. With so many elements to keep track of, movers will allow you to balance everything going on. Some professional movers also provide in-home estimates, packing, and unpacking services, so be sure to get a wide variety of quotes for what your specific needs are.
  7. Prep the new home
    Whether your loved ones are moving into your home and downsizing to a separate location, you’ll need to prep the new home to best accommodate your parent’s needs. Some examples include installing an electric stair lift, installing safety rails, or placing a ramp outside the front door.
    While it won’t be easy, it’s a necessary step. So take your time, be organized, and ask for help when you need it.

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