Tips on Moving Appliances

We know moving appliances sucks. But here are some things to keep in mind

Washing Machine
– Clean and dry thoroughly.
– Disconnect hoses, wrap them in a towel, and place them inside of the washer for safe transport.

– Clean.
– Unplug, or disconnect from gas /turn off from power source.

– Be sure to clean and dry thoroughly.
– Leave the door open for a few days before moving, this will ensure it’s free of any moisture prior to transport.
– Disconnect all hoses; wrap them in packing paper or towels and place inside for safe keeping.

– Clean and dry thoroughly.
– Remove all detachable parts.
– Mark each part and pack safely in a marked box.
*If you have a gas range, have it disconnected by a qualified technician as our movers can’t. Upon arrival at your new home, your technician will connect you to a new line.

Refrigerator and Freezer
– Defrost, clean, and dry thoroughly.
– Dispose of all perishables.
– Turn off water and disconnect the water line.
– Pack all loose/removable parts together in a marked box.

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