What Organized People do Before They Move

Maybe you’re not the most organized. Or maybe you always plan ahead. Regardless of how well you prepare (or don’t), moving is a really stressful experience that will throw you more than a few curve-balls. It’s crucial to be as prepared as possible to ensure your move goes smoothly. Here are some tips the most organized among us swear by. While you just never know what will happen, these tips will give you a good foundation to take on any challenge.

Use a notebook and stay organized
Whether it’s a notebook or a folder, get something to keep all of your important paperwork related to the move. It can be the central hub where you can place any inventories, checklists, budgets, and quotes for movers. If you consolidate all the moving parts, it’ll help you from feeling overwhelmed. If you’re more comfortable with a digital platform, the Moved app can also help keep everything organized.

Get boxes and start labelling
It’s never too early to start getting boxes. The sooner you start preparing, the less you’ll have to do towards the end. If you’re a procrastinator, we suggest jumping right in. It will definitely feel strange but you’ll be much more relaxed throughout the whole process. Get boxes, start placing them in each room, and label accordingly. It’ll help you remember what’s inside and it will also let the movers know where they go at the new location. Computer labels, stickers, and even just a marker will work just fine.

Plan the layout
If you’ve found your next home or apartment, make sure everything you have fits by pre-planning the layout. You’ll need a tape measure to make sure you have all the correct measurements. While it might sound like a lot of work, it’ll pay off in the end. It’s better to know you’re couch doesn’t fit ahead of time rather than on move day.

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