What to Expect When Hiring Movers – The Packing

Ok so packing isn’t a load of fun. You have two option, you can sit back and let the movers do all the work or do it yourself. Honestly the best advice I can give you as someone who has moved their fair share is let someone else do it 🙂 . Realistically though, the wallet takes a big hit with this option so most of us pack ourselves. These are my best tips when prepping for a move.

Boxes – Ask your movers about reusable totes. They’re pretty much industrial bins you can sometimes order ahead to do your packing. You don’t have to worry about crushed boxes as they plastic makes that pretty much impossible and you don’t have to worry about disposing of tons of materials. They’re also a greener, eco-friendly option. If available it’s a great choice.

Emergency Box and Valuables – I highly suggest packing valuables yourself and moving them ahead of time. Any documents and the like to be safe. We also recommend an emergency box. We all plan on unpacking the moment we get to the new place but at times it gets to much to handle and we end up doing it over time. The best bet is to pack a box with your essentials. Everything you would need to stay in your new place if you decide not to unpack, it will save you a headache. I mean after a long move the last thing you want to do is track down the box with your toothbrush, bathroom tissue and drinking glasses.

Furniture -This is where the movers come it. Leave this to them and perhaps any odds and ends you don’t know how to pack. They typically carry extra materials to get the job done.

Wardrobe Boxes – Ask about these. They can handle any hanging items in your closet without you having to take them off the hangers and many movers will provide these as a perk or for a minimal fee. Not having to pack and unpack a closet, trust me you will thank me.

Most of all relax. If you’ve chosen a professional mover let they can always pick up the slack. Moving usually is a change that opens a new chapter weather it’s your first apartment, first home or a new city. Take a moment to enjoy your new start.

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