Why You Should Move in the Fall

While most people move during the summer, it’s not the only season you can do it in. If you don’t have any constraints, consider waiting a few months until after the peak moving season slows down. Moving in the fall is probably the most flexible time to move, and the least utilized.

More Openings
Most moves take place between April and September, when winter gives way to more manageable weather. This makes fall the off-season for most companies. College kids and families with little ones make use of the summer months to move, further limiting the spaces moving companies have available. Moving in the fall ensures there will be more flexibility in the dates you choose.

Lower Prices
Because fall is the off-season, pricing is often less competitive. This may mean you pay less as demand is no longer high. You’ll likely have more options as more companies will be within your price range, allowing you to choose the best mover for you instead of going with the cheapest. Be sure to get multiple estimates so you can find a mover that fits within your desired requirements.

Fewer People Moving, More Options
It also makes it easier to move out, especially if you live in an apartment building. Fewer moving tenants means there will be more flexibility securing elevator times. Some residential apartments also give rental incentives in order to fill any remaining units. With fewer people moving, you may be able to take advantage of these offers that just aren’t available when demand is high.

Moving can be a difficult process but it can be less stressful and more affordable if you reevaluate the timing. Consider moving in the fall when there is more availability and lower prices.

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