I think we first have to admit the truths in order to address them. I have to admit, moving is a terrible thing for the planet. Most movers won’t tell you what happens to all the waste. The plastic film we use to wrap the furniture, the endless boxes, and the trucks to carry it all back and forth. Most of the waste ends up in landfills. It’s expensive to recycle, moving companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and unfortunately, it’s often at a great cost to our planet. There is always something we can do. Small steps that add up to a wave of change. We recycle all the materials we can and hope as we grow to be able to transition to biodegradable products as well, doing what we can to off set our carbon footprint. The best customers can do is ask the questions. Chicago movers need to be held accountable. Ask them what they do to help our children’s future. It may feel like a drop in the bucket or it could be the start of change.

Happy Earth Day!

606 Movers Inc


I can not tell you the amount of times I have been asked why I wanted to start a moving company.

I knew I wanted to be good, the best Chicago movers we could be. I wanted my employees to speak about where they worked with pride. I wanted it to be a collaboration between us all. I believe fostering that pride instills ownership and that ownership is caring. Caring about our customers as much as we do about ourselves.

I wanted this company to be conscious of it’s impact. Late last year I attended an event during Chicago Ideas Week. It was about whether businesses could do good for society and be profitable. The thing that struck me during the speeches was that I didn’t think it was a question. I firmly believe that we can to good for our society and sustain ourselves but then again I guess it depends what you measure success by.

So after some reflection I decided on these goals:

1. We will be committed to finding environmentally safe options for our customers. The moving industry creates more waste than any of us would like to think of. We will do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment even though it not always the easiest route.

2. We are committed to our employees. We believe in a living wage and know the impact it has on our society as a whole. We will treat everyone with the dignity and respect that they are entitled to and through this demonstrate the values that they will show our customers.

3. We are committed to social responsibility. Through volunteer work and donation initiatives we will work to become an example of how small acts can add up to big results. Chicago is our home and it is our honor as citizens to help it move in right direction.

May 2019 be when we stand for what we believe.