As a native Chicago moving company, we know that moving during the winter is never anyone’s first choice, but sometimes it is a necessity. While we think that it is an admirable endeavor to attempt a big move all on your own, when it comes to the icy winds of winter, we have to advocate on behalf of hiring a professional moving team to help you get the job done. We’ve put together what we think are the top 4 reasons that hiring Chicagoland’s best movers for your wintertime move is essential!

A Chicago Winter Is Nothing To Joke About

If you’ve lived through any portion of a Chicago winter, you know that it is colder than cold. Snow, ice, and dropping temperatures make winter moves increasingly more dangerous than, a spring, summer, or fall move. Say you do convince your ride-or-die best friends to help you; they probably won’t have as much experience as trained professional movers for heavy lifting over icy or wet sidewalks and stairs. The biting cold temperatures create an increased risk of catching a cold during the back and forth from outside to inside. Expert movers who are seasoned and practiced at moving within all weather conditions can help protect you and your loved ones from any unnecessary risk.

In addition to the safety hazards that cold temperatures pose during a winter move, no amount of planning can truly predict what the weather will be like the day of your move. As much as we’d like to trust our weatherman, we know that Chicago skies have a mind of their own. Qualified movers will be ready and prepared for whatever nature has to offer on the day of your big transition, so you can worry about more important things like where all your holiday decor will hang in your new place!

 Moving Truck Driving and Street Dibs

Whether you’re moving a full 3-bedroom house or a studio apartment, most likely, you’ll need at least a small moving truck to get it all done! Though renting the truck yourself and bribing friends with hot spiked cider to help you load and unload sounds like a great idea in theory, in reality, driving that truck on icy, wet roads is harder than you may imagine. If you aren’t accustomed to navigating narrow Chicago winter streets with an oversized vehicle, the danger and stress may outweigh the money you might save. A Chicago moving company like ours will be able to confidently drive your belongings from your old home to your new space without any hassle.

Then there are the infamous street dibs, love them or hate them, they are a thing that every Chicago resident has to contend with. During a winter move, the chances of you being thwarted by an aptly placed lawn chair are high. Why not let experienced moving truck drivers handle the parking nightmare that often faces a Chicagoan during the coldest months of the year? 

Speed Is Key During The Holiday Season

No matter who you are, the winter months are always jam-packed with end-of-the-year deadlines, holiday events, and shopping obligations. If you are forced by fate to move during the busiest season of the year, every hour of the day is vital! A team of skilled and competent movers can turn what could be a whole weekend affair into merely a few hours so you can get back to what makes the winter season magical! Our team can even assist with packing and unpacking your belongings so you can spend more time wrapping presents and less time wrapping kitchen dishes for your move.

You’ve Got Enough Stress!

As we mentioned, the wintery season comes with a lot of joy but also a lot of stress. Though moving is often regarded as one of the most stressful experiences in one’s life, it doesn’t have to add to your holiday season anxiety. Hiring compassionate and professional movers can be a way to preserve your mental health during the frostiest chapter of the year. Practice self-care this upcoming season and let professionals handle your wintertime moving experience. 

If you’d like more tips for a successful winter move, check out a previous blog of ours, “How to Survive Your Winter Move” And as always, if you need any assistance during your transition from one home to the next, we at 606 Movers are here to help!

Bedrooms are sanctuaries, now more than ever in the age of COVID-19. But if you’re like me, they are filled to the brim with clothes and things that I can’t ever seem to throw away. If you’re moving or downsizing, then this is a perfect time to rethink your bedroom. Clear out your closets, donate or sell what you don’t use, and start fresh. Here are some tips to help you sort, pack, and move a bedroom (or multiple). 

Take Your Time and Sort It

Before you start the packing process, sort your bedroom. Don’t be afraid of the mess. Get everything out of bins, closets, and drawers. Lay it all out so you can evaluate it clearly. It will be messy before it can get organized. Take your time so you don’t move things that you don’t really need or items you’ve never really used. This will save you time when it comes to the packing and unpacking. This is also a great tip for saving money. The less items you have to move, the less packing materials you’ll need and the overall move will go a lot faster. 

If You Have Kids, Let Them Help

Moving with kids will always be challenging. If they’re a little older, they’ll be hesitant to leave their schools and friends behind. Get them involved in the moving process. It will help them feel included and involved. Have them pack their bedrooms and take initiative. It will give them a project to do and give them a sense of control so they can transition as easily as possible. 

Cover the Mattresses

Always cover your mattresses! Whether you’re renting a truck or being moved by a moving  company, they may or may not have cleaned the truck. Don’t take your chances, especially with upholstered items. Most reputable movers (606 Movers included!)  will have some sort of plastic wrap to cover them. If you move regularly, it may be a good idea to invest in a reusable mattress cover or bag. It’s not only the green option but you can use it again and again. 

Protect Your Lamps

While lamps may seem easy to pack, they’re actually quite delicate and fragile. Make sure they are broken down and the lightbulb is removed. Then pack each individual piece separately. Find a box that will give you enough room to wrap each lamp with bubble wrap or towel and fill in any gaps with packing paper so it doesn’t move around in the box. Be sure to mark the box as fragile and the room it belongs to for easy unpacking. 

Wrap Your Pictures Carefully

Moving framed art works and pictures can be a bit daunting. If you aren’t comfortable, feel free to leave this to the professionals. But if you want to handle this portion of the move, here are some tips.

First, find the most appropriate box. If the pictures are small, you can probably pack a few of them together. If they’re larger, it’s best to pack them separately. Specialty boxes do exist but they may be more expensive or harder to find. Regular medium and large sized boxes should work.

If the picture has a glass cover, tape an ‘x’ on the front. This will help keep the majority of the glass together if it does shatter or break. 

Then wrap the whole piece in cheap packing or butcher paper to protect the frame from any scratches or nicks. Then wrap the frame in bubble wrap for extra protection and padding. 

Place the picture in the box and use more packing paper to secure the frame in place. This will make sure it doesn’t move on the journey. Tape the box thoroughly, mark as fragile, and describe its contents so that you and the movers know what it is. 

Not Sure What to do with Your Furniture?

Congrats, you’ve finished packing your bedroom! If you’re using movers, then the hard part is over. Feel free to leave all the furniture as is. If needed, most movers will disassemble and wrap the furniture in moving blankets. 

If you’re moving on your own, anything movers do would apply here. Make sure you measure any doorways and hallways. This is ideal when trying to figure out if beds and dressers will fit or if they need to be broken down. Get the right tools to disassemble any legs or furniture pieces. But always make sure the parts don’t get lost. Plastic zip-loc bags are great for organizing screws and small pieces. Wrap all the large items in moving blankets and secure them with tape. While each move is different, one way to load a truck is to pack the larger items first and then the smaller items and boxes last. 

Moving is not easy. It can be stressful and daunting, especially when organizing spaces like our bedrooms. We hope these tips come in handy when you have to sort and pack for your upcoming move. You can and will get through this!


The green movement is here and it’s not going anywhere. Businesses and people are becoming more conscious than ever before. And it can be easy too. If you’re moving and want to help reduce waste, here are some tips. You might actually be doing some of these things already. 

Find Green Movers

If you’re thinking of using movers, find eco-friendly companies. Take a look at what they offer, do they offer reusable containers or recycled materials. Make sure to ask how they dispose of their packing supplies. The moving industry can be wasteful but supporting those who make a difference is a huge help.

Carefully Plan What You’re Moving 

Don’t pack at the very last minute. This might be a no-brainer but here’s something else to consider. If you pack at the last minute, you’ll likely take everything with you. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to sort what you have. You’ll have time to donate and sell what you don’t really need or want. This means you’ll use less materials come the day of the move and hopefully your movers won’t need to make multiple trips. 

Start With The Containers You Have

Before you buy boxes, consider the containers you already have. This is also a good time to clear out unwanted or underutilized items. If you have large plastic storage bins, start packing with those. You can also use suitcases to transport your clothes. Instead of using paper or bubble wrap, use pillows and clothing to secure fragile items. You’ll be able to consolidate your things with zero waste. 

Need More Materials

If you still need materials for your move, there are ways to be green. Go to local business and see if they’re willing to give you their unused boxes. They’ll likely just throw them away so it never hurts to ask. Also consider buying recycled boxes. UsedCardboardBoxes.com collects boxes that are going to be disposed of due to misprints and overruns. They pack them into moving kits which can be cheaper than buying new and also eco-friendly.

But no matter where you get them, make sure to recycle them after you use them. Give them to a friend, set them aside for your next move, or pass them on online. 

Make The Fewest Trips Possible 

Whether you’re renting a truck or hiring movers, make sure you make one trip from your old location to your new home. Consider everything you’re moving and plan your trip wisely. This might go without saying but it’s absolutely crucial to provide your moving company with an accurate inventory list so that they assign the most appropriate truck size. This avoids multiple trips which use more fuel. 


I think we first have to admit the truths in order to address them. I have to admit, moving is a terrible thing for the planet. Most movers won’t tell you what happens to all the waste. The plastic film we use to wrap the furniture, the endless boxes, and the trucks to carry it all back and forth. Most of the waste ends up in landfills. It’s expensive to recycle, moving companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and unfortunately, it’s often at a great cost to our planet. There is always something we can do. Small steps that add up to a wave of change. We recycle all the materials we can and hope as we grow to be able to transition to biodegradable products as well, doing what we can to off set our carbon footprint. The best customers can do is ask the questions. Chicago movers need to be held accountable. Ask them what they do to help our children’s future. It may feel like a drop in the bucket or it could be the start of change.

Happy Earth Day!

606 Movers Inc


You did it. You packed up, moved out, and you’re ready for the next chapter. Except, there are a few things you need to do when you move into your new space. While the hard part is certainly over, now you must face all the logistical details that go into moving before you can truly relax.

Set up your utilities

Don’t forget to set up your utilities before you move in. While it might not seem as important as packing and moving out, there’s nothing worse than arriving at your new place and realizing your lights don’t work.

Clean your new space

Take advantage of the empty state of your new space. The whole moving process has probably left your new home dusty with so many people walking in and out. It’s also a great time to make cosmetic changes like painting or adding new fixtures before you arrange all of your belongings.

Check on your appliances

If you moved any appliances such as a stove or washer and dryer, double check to make sure they arrived safely and that nothing was damaged.

Check your boxes and furniture

Also take a look at your boxes and furniture, making sure everything arrived and nothing looks damaged. You can conduct a quick home inventory before unpacking completely. If something is damaged, contact your movers immediately to resolve the issue as efficiently and stress-free as possible.

Make sure you’re getting your mail

Check your post office or your old residence to make sure your mail is being forwarded and that you’ve registered your new address. This is also a great time to update your accounts and personal records to reflect your new address.

Now you’re ready to unpack. Be sure to rest, take breaks, and take your time settling in.


For most, packing and moving is a necessity. You have to do it and you will, several times over the course of your life. Whether you have thought about it or not, the moving industry is an industry of waste. Considering the amount of bubble wrap, tap, and boxes purchased, a move only adds to the crisis happening on our planet. Most of the materials are used once and discarded. While some items can be recycled, the nerve-wrecking process of a move often overrides our best intentions and we don’t always follow through. But there are ways to reduce waste in the moving industry, here are some tips on how you can too.

Start Planning Early

Once you know you have to move, figure out what you do and don’t want to take with you. Instead of waiting a few days before and having to throw most of your unwanted items in the trash, start planning early. Drop them off at donation centers, start listing the items you want to sell online, or give them away. Your items will find new homes instead of adding to our landfills.

Consider Reusable

Once you begin the packing process, consider using plastic reusable bins. Take inventory of the ones you have first. This option will also eliminate the need for tape. If you go through or don’t have reusable options, reach out to local supermarkets or stores for boxes. While each place is different, most will be happy to let you take the boxes of their hands.

Go Unconventional

To keep your fragile objects protected, consider skipping the bubble wrap and packing paper all together. Use your soft items instead, like linens, clothes, and towels. These items have to be moved anyway so let them have another purpose as well. If you have to use other packing materials, there are environmentally conscious products available such as biodegradable packing peanuts and recycled packing paper.

Think Green

If you’re looking to get movers, be sure to research eco-minded companies in your area. Some have reusable bin options or are conscious of the packing material they use. As long as you’re willing to do a bit more research, you’ll be surprised how many do take the environment into consideration.